Ryan Theodore Hurtgen 


Ryan has had a very dedicated life to music.  He is a multi-instrumentalist – a composer, singer, writer and inventor originally from St. Louis, MO, but has created most of his music in Los Angeles and Nashville. 


In collaboration with The Resonance Experience, he has developed sonic instruments for new types of musical expression and listening experiences. He studied Georgian polyphony and traveled extensively in various musical projects throughout the world.  


He is perhaps best known for being the lead singer and co-composer of acclaimed progressive rock albums with the band Perfect Beings, but his meditation albums for relaxation have gained large popularity on the meditation platform Insight Timer and he continues to further his studies on the power of sound for health and well being. 

OmniAmbient is the result of these pursuits. 

The OmniAmbient sounds were created in a number of different studios over the course of the Covid 19 – Pandemic.  The Omnidirectional sound was captured through different methods.  Ryan traveled throughout the western United States to record natural environments with Omni mics to capture the shifts of the wind and give a sense of three dimensional listening.  There was also techniques of capturing different resonant spaces and the echos of the acoustical tones.