Below are the featured instruments used to create the OmniAmbient collections. For inquiries to purchase some of the most stunning sonic instruments for sound therapy and healing, please contact the following websites.

The Innato by Stone Whistle

This artisan harmonic three-chambered instrument is made by Hans Houkes at his Stone Whistle shop in the Netherlands.

The word “Innato” means inborn, unlearned. it’s inside all of us. This instrument connects sonically to our pure innateness and easily plays perfect three part harmony for anyone to experience.




The Samalan

This instrument is made from Beryllium Copper and creates vast arrays of harmonics that sound like ocean waves.  The particular way it’s played with the fabric bow, allows for deep feeling states, providing a window for self-discovery through acoustics.



The Resonance Experience

The Sonic Stone

This revolutionary new instrument, appearing and resounding in the acoustic experience of human civilization, represents a rare and unheard of sonic phenomena. The powerful resonance and unique sonority of the Sound Stones immediately touch the surprised listener and evoke an atmosphere of another time and space. Its multi- sensory experience invites one into the heart of matter, listening to and expressing the vibrational, energetic nature of the manifest world.