We spend a third of our lives asleep. What is sleep like in the modern world?  We have email, smartphones, street lights, air travel, 24 hour news updates. It seems that we are always available and at the whim of our online world. Sleep scientists have collected data and recorded the many ways these technological changes are affecting us, and many say we are experiencing a sleep epidemic, and it is causing problems at all ages.

Sleep fulfills basic biological needs which impacts things like; our ability to remember things, maintain our focus and attention, our hand eye coordination, and stamina, but we also replenish ourselves when we sleep.  Sleep serves a role of clearing toxins from our system and this is very important to how our bodies function.

These audio recordings were created to help you re-discover the bliss of sleep – to create a nightly ritual at bedtime where you embrace your sleep and feel into your health through meditation.  These recordings are meant to help you connect with your body, mind, and spirit and to get in touch with your energetic being, to build the connection between your brain and body –  the capacity to heal and rejuvenate yourself by taking the time to focus on health, wellness and the journey of your subconscious.

 The exchange that it offers us when we learn to relax our bodies by listening to the beauty of natural environments and tonal mathematical frequencies is a type of alchemy.  It is a kind of internal yoga.

So please enjoy these journeys.  You may find a track that you like best and this becomes something you keep coming back to.  It is my hope that this series is something that will always have value, something you can grow with, and practice with anytime you feel the need to get out of your head and into a pleasant state of rest.

Thank you for listening to this introduction, without further ado, I present you OmniAmbient.  Let the journeys begin.


Ryan Hurtgen